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Rhyme or Reason?

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The sights I see have no effect

On this mind of mine

Ripples of color mixed with time

All fade and twist out of line.

Years ago I made a decision

To keep on with the learning

But all the lessons I have learned

Have never quenched the yearning.

Something inside, deep in the well

Like a pebble inside a vein

Halts the flow I will never know

Constantly into refrain.

So go the days and nights of time

On with yet another season

As I look out upon those ripples

With no rhyme or reason.


K, yeh I'm really depressed atm. :( ... blah.


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very profound words.. I am sure many feel like that.. At least you can express your feelings.. That is SO IMPORTANT..

there are always goin to be setbacks.. but you really need to stop and recognize how far you have come MENTALLY

I know you are doin better now..and glad to see it.

Life is a rollercoaster.. got to hang on for the ride.

and know... this to shall pass



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Thx mm... for your response. And yeh, it did pass. Whether do to being on better meds now, or just time, or my own diligence with myself. Whichever, it does eventually pass if we don't buy into all our heads are telling us or the emotions we're having, not believign that they will be forever.

The human mind is designed for change... we just keep gettin in it's way. :mellow:


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