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Panic Attacks story

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We would love to add a members story about panic attacks,

Can anyone help, If so just write about how panic attacks affect you.


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Panic attacks affect me on a daily basis so severe every time i get one i still even after having them well over ten years i cannot control the feeling of ultimate terror

To say they have ruined not only my life but my familys to is an understatment

I have tried many drugs to no avail , hypnosis, CBT relaxation nothing seems to work

It usually starts i feel dizzy at first and then experience what they call "de-realization" and "de-personalization" terror beyond words that im about die Then the more physical effects starts kicking in such as racing heart, shaking, nausea, tingling face and neck, "numb" feeling in my head, "cold blood" feeling cant get enough air in lungs etc

Things got so intense a few weeks ago i had three differant doctors called out one gave me diazapams which did nothing but make the symptoms worse, then was told my panics so high diazapam wont touch it so was put back on lorazapam they now are doing nothing

I know it is only myself that can control them but i just cant

Being housebound over 5 years now mostly bedbound i know again aint helping but i have tried and tried everyday to do wee things but even a simple shower has me so exhausted i need lie down to calm myself over and over i have tried the fight or flight but im so petrified i fly lol

Seriously i would not wish this on my worst enemy it is stopping me having a life and my poor husband and children also

Sorry if what i have wrote is not what your looking for im here even typing this shaking like a fruitbat and feeling im about pass out so if its not made sense my apologies



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I started having panic attacks when I was 8 years old, bad childhood, and by 33 started on medication, once I understood what was happening. Present day 14 years later-- my panic attack disorder seems to get worse so medication is increased. The medication works 90 percent of the time. I am trying to get past the main problem of my depression of how to accept it, instead of crying that it won't go away. Has anyone got past this ?? And how ??? Also how I have given this to my child even though I have given her a great childhood, but with bullying which I stopped once she told me, she has social anxiety. I feel selfish I had a kid knowing she would get this since it is genetic. Any comments welcome

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