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For anyone interested in "Skype-ing"...

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Hey matt ... good to meet you, first off... secondly welcome to our lil corner of the www.

I used to Skype, but things got complicated for me socially on there, so i quit. But I and others are most always found in our chat room. There is a link to it here, or if you use mIRC the server is irc.phobiasupport.com, channel name #phobiahelp

I also try to deal with agoro, and am much as you in that I only have my safe places I go, like to certain stores. Don't have to talk to anybody there, ya know? I'm somewhat of a social phobe as well, like that.

Anyhoo... good to meet you and maybe see you in chat sometimes... it's a good place with good people, good for support, empathy and maybe some helpful words of advise as needed.


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