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Chat room... current state as it's been

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Hey all, been thinking about the chat room lately, how it seems to be the road less traveled. Lots of quiet time followed by intermittent periods of activity...round and round. :huh:

I blame facebook! hehe.... well ok, not completley, but I do think that may have contributed in its own way to the lack of chat room traffic as people seem to prefer that method of communication, pictures, et al.

Also I think that due to us not having the constant flow of new people, we've all become rather accustomed to each other and frankly have run out of things to discuss, topic-wise. And even the off-topic convo can only go on so long.

So bottom line is.... we need new people again (as irritating as some of them were, you must admit there kept the place "lively"). How can we do this, you ask? :unsure: Advertise! Where ever you can think of on whatever website or forum or community that deems appropriate put the word out that WE ARE HERE. Link people to the site, and the more people that actually click that link, the more it will come up on search engines like google, etc.... then the new people will start coming in and once again we can be the chat room that we want, like, need and support! :)

So yeh... that's my fifty cents. Any other thoughts and suggestions toss 'em out here. We ALSO need to get the forum more active as well, so if you have itchy fingers that need to express themselves.... THIS is the place to do it... OUR forum.



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Well I am new here and have not been in chat room. If fact I was wondering just how I would fit. It is always hard be the new one trying to make friends. So know that I know I might accidentally be irratiting to someone, I'll pass. Thanks anyway.

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Hi Teresa

This post I wrote 5 years ago.  The chat room now is nothing like it was then and is now a very good place to talk with people with similar issues without judgement, criticism or hassles.  I'd urge you to reconsider and give it a try.  Don't worry about being irritating as all that was tied into other issues at the time.  All we insist upon is respecting the other chatters as we try and keep it a safe place for everyone.   

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