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Katy RawCutTV

Agoraphobia Documentary

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Raw Cut Television is currently developing a documentary focussing on mental health issues and the affect they have on young people in the UK. We would like to hear from people aged 15-30 who suffer from anxiety disorders and agoraphobia who would be willing to share their stories and provide others with a better understanding of these issues. We are hoping to raise awareness of mental health issues and explore the struggles young anxiety sufferers face in the UK.

If you would like to find out more please email Katy on katytooth@rawcut.tv

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Sorry to ask but why only ages 15 to 30 imo this is very unfair

I myself have been totally housebound with severe agoraphobia and severe panic ,GAD, Anxiety etc and feel even though i'm slightly older no one wants to know about us suffering

Sorry if this post comes across as me sounding nasty or in way rude that is not my intention and i wish you all the best with the documentary



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Hello ,

I too wonder why just to younger ppl .. as so many of us older ones suffer ..

I would be interested in seeing this documentary but I live in USA , would it ever be broadcasted here ??

Thank You ,


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