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Thank you

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After being unable to go into the chatroom for a few months ,last night i had a brief while whereupon my severe dizziness etc eased a tiny bit so i decide to go in and i would like to thank everyone who was there for all there kindness friendliness etc :)

I was so happy that i managed to do it :P

Again a huge huge Blank1.gifto all there B)

love dino


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Yes, Dino .. I too found my way to chat after several different attempts ..LOL > BUt want to say .....


To those of who were there that spoke to us ,, Jannymoo ,., Amanda ... and Mr Uppity ... very kind all of you to say a Hello .. and was nice to be remembered Mr Uppity .. nice to chat with u again ... :)

Take care.. all of you , maybe will pop in again .. who knows who else we may see... that might remember ..??

Love ,

Flo xxxx

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