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Dentist success

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Hey guys! Thought I would share my dentist story. Now I don't actually mind the dentist. I've had the same dentist since I was 12 and now I'm ...... older than 12. But, ever since my meltdown a few years ago and the lovely appearance of panic attacks and agoraphobia, it has made life a bit bloody difficult. The messing around in the mouth doesn't bother me it's the whole being confined in the chair and not being able to flee without causing a big fuss. Things in my mouth so I couldn't leave anyway until they were taken out. Arghhhh!!!!! Panic!!!

So, I went to the dentist yesterday because I had an old filling fall out. Well, lucky me he finds 3 more fillings that need to be re-done. So I had one yesterday which I had mentally prepared for but today he decides to do the other three at once. Panic! Doing three takes so much longer, and I can't get out of the chair, and I'm trapped, and I'm gonna look like a raving bloody lunatic if I panic and run out the door etc etc. You guys now what it's like. So I'm in the chair, trying to distract myself, trying to not panic and my mind started to wander......

Dino was in the corner of the room sitting in the chair remarking on how lovely it was to finally get out for awhile even if it was dentist(We all know Dino doesn't make it out much.) She was commenting on how you could eat of the floors and talking about eating could we stop at the bakery next door when we were finished? Flo was there too. I don't know her well, but she's always so positive so she's nice to have around. She was wandering around the room saying the whole place would really look so much friendlier with some flowers. Massagemom thought the dentist was a bit of allright and kept asking me to ask if he was single. We were all completely confused by his latest dental technician. Seriously, where do you even buy clothes for someone that skinny? Invisible Massagemom was whispering subliminal messages in her ear - cheeseburgers... pastries... donuts. But the only one that seemed to affect was Dino, who started fidgeting and whining about being hungry.

And before I knew it my dental work was done, panic averted. So thank you to all for participating in my daydream and getting me through. It was nice to take you out for awhile Dino, and yes we did stop at the bakery next door. Flo - it really does need some flowers. And Massagemom - yes the dentist is currently between divorces.

Be well everyone


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Firstly welldone.gifand well_done.giffor getting through your appointment at the dentist

This would be me AnimatedSmileyDentistpullingtooth.gifor more this remember my story about my lovely dog eating my effing nashers :lol: :lol: dentist1.gif

I tried to find a funny pic o me eating a cream scone but coulden't so instead this i hope will do 523015_401274906582063_397706006938953_1166234_1375003581_n.jpg

Thank you for cheering me up you nutter and again well done to you for making it out alive lol ATT00039.gif

love dino


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