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I am new here!!!

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Hey folks!!! My name is Aaron Cornett. I love working with phobias. I treat phobic people for the US Army at Fort Campbell,KY. My main dx is PTSD. I am here to tell you.......we don't have to live like this. We learn behaviors to adapt and live life. Sometimes they are real, sometimes they can seem silly. But to us they are real. Don't give up on yourselves!!! Contact me if you have questions...

Aaron Cornett,Certified Life Coach,Phobia Cure Expert


I provide FREE coaching for veteran's due to deployment issues.

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Hello and WELCOME !! Aaron ...

Nice to have u with us . I myself have been diagnosed with PTSD ,for 18 yrs .. ON meds and have made great progress..

I have limits , know them try to not go too far beyond them , but do not let them keep me down .. I may suffer if I push it but that is part of the illness..

Again welcome..

Flo :)

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Hi Aaron

A huge welcome to phobia support :)

I was told once by a pychologist i had PTSD, have been totally housebound now virtually bedbound seven year's every day is for me non stop panic after panic :o

The other so called professional's say i have severe agoraphobia , anxiety and depression

I am a medical mystery lol :huh:

flo is a veteran of old age :lol: :lol:

Again a huge 78-Cat.gifto the forum :)

love dino


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Welcome Aaron. I'm what you call a high functioning agoraphobic with panic disorder. Which basically means that I have recovered enough to appear 'normal' to most, but my issues still run deep and I need support to continue with my recovery. I am a master at avoiding certain situations without people knowing. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

Be well


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