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Ticked off

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Sorry guys, but I feel the need to rant and before any of you say it - I know that I'm being oversensitive. Last night I was informed that my 23year old nephew had a panic attack two weeks ago and was taken to the doctor. I don't know the details but apparently he was given medication and I'm pretty sure is now recieving some sort of welfare sickness benefits.

This ticks me right off. Number one - no one told me or hubby until weeks later? WTF? Did they not tell me because it's something to be ashamed of? So, as a high functioning agoraphobic with panic disorder should I be ashamed? Or they didn't tell me because although I have experience in this and may have been able to help it's different? My 'issues' are just crazy old Aunty Sunny and if it happens to someone else it's different. We wouldn't want to be tainted with the 'crazy' brush like Aunty Sunny would we?

Number two - this 'kid' hasn't worked for at least 6 months and before then it was on and off. There's always some excuse for why he hasn't got a job, a licence, a car and he still lives at home. This kid has never been expected to be responsible for anything, ever. And now this is gonna be another excuse for why he doesn't have to contribute to society. I'm pissed off. I'm offended. I worked so hard to become functioning in spite of my panic disorder and now, after one panic attack my nephew is gonna play the 'I have a medical issue' card. Are you kidding me? This is not a joke! Panic is real, panic is serious. I struggle some days to function and I have to work hard at moving forward. I don't appreciate someone taking this so lightly. And I know for a fact that three days ago he was out all night on the booze. Oh yeah, that's some bad panic issues he has. He wants to be on welfare so he doesn't have to hold down a job - fine, but don't hide behind a disorder that I know is a SERIOUS issue and you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

I know I'm being judgemental and over sensitive, but I was just really offended by this whole thing. I know I don't know all the details, but this is how they operate. Just tell me to shut the hell up and be more compassionate, I probably deserve it. After all, I'm crazy what the hell would I know. LOL

Be well everyone


PS - Please don't take offence at the term 'crazy' you all know I don't think any of us are crazy. I'm just offended and insulted for myself and behalf of all of those with a 'legitimate' panic issue. Now I'm finished ranting.

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Hiya Sunny

Firstly i am so sorry your so upset by all that is going on there to be honest i would be to so please do not apologise for your rant :unsure:

As you say Panic is real, panic is serious. I struggle some days here just to get out of bed and on a good day can only last 2/3 hours at the most due to the severity of my panic dizziness etc :huh:

I see to often people like your nephew who get all the benefit's under the sun help from mental health services etc etc when there is fuck al wrong with them , please do not take that the wrong way i'm not saying there is fuk all wrong with him but if he can go out on the booze all night to me that is indeed taking the piss out of people like ourselves who try our hardes't just to function doing daiy tasks :mellow:

I know of a good few people here in this small town who get free mobilty cars , full DLA etc etc yet they go abroad 3 or 4 times a year , go on the piss every other day the list is endlesss and it is so so unfair for the one's that really suffer get ignored :angry:

Your imo not being judgemental and over sensitive,your being honest and you have every right to be feeling hurt by all this

My blood pressures rising just typing this reply so before i type something i might get banned for i better for now shut my cakehole :lol:

One last thing please do not apologise for writing crazy i call myself a crazy nutter the whole time but in a joking manner which we all know you do to

Your a great person with a heart of gold who alway's cheers me up crazy or not i love you to bit's

love dino


waterfallhugs.gifto you from me :)

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