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My success story

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After months of putting if off, mostly due to fear and the resulting high anxiety, I finally got myself to the gym and work out on the treadmill. :)

Only for half hour, except for last time I could only tolerate 15 min, and only gone twice last week, and again today, but it's a start and hopefully I can maintain it. I really need to lose weight plus I need the added mental health benefits from it.

One thing I did that helped push me to go is I seperated my emotional mind about it from the logic and facts. I repeatedly told myself "there is no logical reason why I can't do this". Then i put one foot in front of the other and blocked out all distractions, focused on the goal, didn't think... just blocked out all those negative ramblings going on in my head trying to tell me how wrong it was to do this, and all the endless "what if's". I just got into this state of only focusing on the goal... getting there. the goal of actually staying and working out I didn't think about.. It was all about just getting there, into that room. Then see what happens from there. and what happened, much to my surprise, was that I stayed and worked out on the treadmill for half hour. :rolleyes:

Good surprises can arise from pushing our way past all the scary thoughts and into the facts of " this can be done". :)


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YAY LLaura! I'm doing my happy dance for ya. (Picture not included because Sunny dancing is just scary) I'm proud of you. I know how hard it can be to make yourself do things, to escape the agoraphobia cloud. I actually find I can do things like that way easier if I'm on my own. If I have someone with me its so much pressure to not panic. You know what I mean? If I'm on my own and I freak out I'm only creating havoc for myself, but if I'm with someone - what will they think? how can I escape without being embarrassed, humiliated? Are they noticing I'm starting to freak? Did they just look at me weird?

Keep up the good work. You know how it works. You gotta keep doing it until your mind gets bored with it, and the gym will be just another one of your 'safe places' and the exercise will be great for your agora. I find my ipod is a big help when I'm trying to do something difficult. I've got all the Dr Weeks agoraphobia talks and other motivational stuff, recordings my therapist gave me, good work out songs, relaxing songs, something for every occassion.

You are officially my hero of the week! Well done. Be proud of yourself.

Be well


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Hiya LLaura

wdon7.jpgyou have done brillant :)

I wish i could exercise but was told to not even try as i have been so inactive for so long :huh:

I even told my doctor i bought a exercise bike and he told me under no circumstances to even try it i did one night but due to lack of inactivity etc i thought omg i'm going have a heart attack so i am at a loss as what to do :mellow:

Sorry for moaning about me me me again a huge huge congratulation's to you for going on that tredmill , your a star :)

love dino


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