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Panic in detail

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Panic Starts To Come Over Me,

A Feeling Of Pending Doom Creeps Into My Mind,

Nobody Understands What I'm Going Through,

It Starts Slow And Begins To Take Affect On The Mind,

Control Is Slipping Away, Cant Help Feeling This Way.

Alone With No One To Help

The Fear Inside Is Getting Worse,

They Make Me Feel Like I'm Going To Die,

All Of A Sudden I Get Dizzy

Cant Help But Feel I'm Going To Pass Out,

Keep Wondering When It Will End.

Scared Of What Could Happen To Me,

Until The Panic Comes To An End,

Feel Like I'm Dieing And No One Cares,

Finding The Strength To Get Control,

Everything Feels Strange,

Reality Seems Like A Nightmare,

Everyone Says They Understand,

Really They Dont Have A Clue.

Stop Worrying You'll Be Fine They Say.

Understanding What Its Like Is To Experience It,

Nobody Can Stop It, Make It Go Away,

Don't Know What To Do, Heart Starts To Beats Rapidly,

Everything Goes Blurry, Cann¬Ęt See Straight,

Reality Seems So Surreal,

Stop, Take A Deep Breath, Close Your Eyes, Count To Ten,

Ten, I Feel Hot, I Feel Cold,

And Feeling The Knot Inside My Chest,

Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One,

Done, The Attacks Are Very Scary To Me.

My Breathing Is Good, Heart Beat Has Slowed,

Everything Is Back To Normal Again, Till Next Time


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