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Thank you all here

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It starts in your chest like it's going to burst.

You hate being in public.That's when it's worse.

You begin to sweat like you've just worked out,

but your standing still. You wanna scream and shout.

You hide most days inside of your home.

Instead of being with people you'd rather be alone.

It conquers you more than you'd like.

So, you do what it wants. you don't put up a fight.

If it isn't controlled it can ruin you.

Take it from me I know it's true.

I've dealt with it for over ten years, and

have cried many many tears.

Anxiety is not a happy feeling.

You'll need loved ones around to help you with dealing.

I tried dealing with it myself, but the feeling only grew.

I eventually found all you lovely kind people on here to help see me through.

So to all here at phobia Support from me to you a huge



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