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I awoke this morning to learn that Jenni had sadly passed away on Friday 881450p0spyb9pvu.gif

I had the privilage to meet and get to know Jenni via the chatroom and for over six year's she was one of the sweetest kindest people i knew , she was alway's there for me and anyone else whenever you needed help

To me she will alway's have a special place in my heart , on here we are all imo are like family and we all get to love and bond special friendship's

She also had a great sense of humour even when going through tough times herself

How we laughed one day when she told me when she came over from Australia to meet Gord he wouldn't put the heating on and she said she was sat in his living room there wrapped up with her coat on and a hot water bottle , i teased Gord telling him give her some whisky to warm her up

Gord and Jenni fell in love and got married how happy i was for them

Lastly i'd like to add for you Gord i am thinking of you and Jenni's family at this sad sad time , may you R.I.P Jenni you will never be forgotten

If we could have one lifetime wish,

One dream that could come true,

We'd ask with all our hearts,

For yesterday and you. 625593vtd6a4rajm.jpg

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Amen. May she rest in peace and prayers are with the family. Well said Dino. God bless them all and give them peace and strength in this hard time.

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It was sad news today ... But the end of all the suffering , that Jenni was going through , I will miss a great friend from Chat , then

continued on through JADE >>> and personal in Facebook ..

Jenni was a very kind , caring wonderful woman with a great mind that had any answer u needed about so many topics. and places , cultures and

people .. I will indeed miss her way of knowing when something was wrong ... SHe had a special gift , there..

RIP ....Jenni will miss you dearly xxxx

To Gord and Jenni's children .....


Love and Prayers to U all ...

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I second all the above. Jenni was great to talk with as I really liked her down to earth way. She didnt mince words and we didnt always agree, but we understood and it was ok.

xxxxxxxxxx Jenni xxxxxxxxxxxx

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So sorry to hear this sad news, she was a wonderful and very helpful lady who will be greatly missed

My thoughts are with her and her family

Much love to you all


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To Gord and Family, We are so very sorry to hear about

your sad loss,Your in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest in Peace Jenni.

Love Dawn & Paul xxxxxxxxxx

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