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Inappropriate Chat?


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So you're in chat, minding your own business, when you get an inappropriate PM (private message), or something unacceptable is said in the main chatroom and there are no Ops about - what do you do?

If you receive PMs or witness chat in main that you deem are inappropriate (threats/discussion of violence/sex/suicide/abuse etc.) it is recommended that you inform an Op. The best way to do this, is to PM them when they are available to chat, and discuss the issue with them. If the Op agrees that the conversation does infact sound inappropriate, they will need to see a copy of the conversation in order to act upon it.

Inappropriate PMs

To send a copy of the PM conversation to an op, you need to copy and paste the entire conversation to them. Most chat programs will allow you to copy and paste directly from the chat window, although not if you are a Java user.

Java users: Right click on the chat window and a smaller window will pop up on your screen. This contains your entire conversation that you can copy and paste.

Depending on which Op you speak to, they will give you a way to send this conversation to them (either email, via the forum etc.).

Inappropriate Chat in Main

The same theory applies - an op can only act upon something that they have proof of. You can send the inappropriate chat to an Op in the same way outlined above, but just select the relevent chunk of conversation. Again, most chat programs will allow you to do this directly from the chat window, but not Java users.

Java users: Right click on the chat window, and a smaller window will pop up. If you use the scroll bar on the right hand side of this smaller box, you can scroll up the conversation to the relevent point. Highlight the chunk of conversation that is inappropriate from start to finish (or enough to gain an idea of what is going on if its a long conversation) and copy and paste to an op - again, having discussed it with them first and them giving you the best way to send it to them. Hopefully this information is seldom needed, but it's a group effort to make sure that chat is a safe and friendly place :)

Remember - it's very difficult for ops and admin to act on inappropriate chatters without PROOF!

Any questions, please dont hesitate to ask!


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TY Amanda... and well done. As i often tell people (not trying to sound rude) but we (OPs) can't really do much with the "he said she said" thing except take them as FYI's to watch a particular person until we do have verifiable proof of wrong doing.

Remember, people... not to create paranoia here, but when you type something out in chat, it doesn't then evaporate into thin air and go away. Your words have power... so try to make them for the benefit of others in the chat room, and not for their demise or simply just for your own benefit. We are a group of people with bodies and minds under siege much like yourself.


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