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Using the Ignore Feature


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You can ignore individuals in chat if you are upset by their conversation for any reason.

Most chat programs will allow you to right click on the chatters name, on the list of chatters on the right hand side, and select "ignore". This will stop you from seeing their chat in the main chatroom, and any PMs that they may send you. Most chat programs will also allow you to type "/ignore X" and hit enter to achieve the same thing. E.g. if you wanted to ignore me, you would type this:

/ignore Amanda [press enter]

To unignore a chatter that you have previouly chosen to ignore, you can repeat the process but select the "unignore" option. This will allow you to see their chat and receive PMs from them once again. Alternatively, you can type "/unignore X" and hit enter. E.g. if you wanted to see my chat again, you would type this:

/unignore Amanda [press enter]

Java users can also block all new private messages (but still receive PMs from people that they are also in active PMs with).

To do this, simply click options in the top right corner. Tick the "no new private messages" option, and press ok. When you are ready to receive new PMs again, simply click options, and unselect the "no new private messages" option, and press ok.

Hopefully the ignore feature won't be necessary, but just incase, the info is here! :)

Any questions, please ask!


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