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refusing treatment

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I'm glad I found this forum. I have a younger sister age 56 who has had agoraphobia for about 25 years and she and her husband never told us about it. I accidentally found out when my brother in law told me that she doesn't like to leave the house and is afraid that she'll have a panic attack when they go out shopping. I'm very concerned about long term effects. Can anyone tell me what will happen if she does not get treatment? Thanks in advance.

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Hiya alnicov

Firstly a huge welcome to the forum :)

I myself have been totally housebound eight years due to agoraphobia , panic etc

I have had many treatment's from medication , hypnosis etc all to no avail but that is not to say any of the treatment's i have had will not work for your sister as everyone reacts differantly to how it can or cannot be managed

Her first port of call would be to explain all her symptom's etc to her doctor and hopefully he or she will be of help in setting out a care plan on how to help her

I would also lke to comennd you on being so thoughtful and kind in trying to get her the help she so so needs as not many people fully understand just how debilitatting having a mental health issue can be

I hope to you keep posting here and hopefully other's can be of some help or visit the chat room

Love dino



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Hi dino,

Thanks for the quick reply. If you don't mind I'd like to further explain the situation. AFter I discovered her agoraphobia through some researching on the web, I called my brother in law to talk about it. He seemed somewhat defensive and explained how he tried to get her to get help but she didn't want any. He also told me that if anyone tried to intervene, he would block the attempt. Two months later when I called about holiday dinner, he said that he told her about the talk we had and now she does not want to speak to me. She's at the point where any mention of her illness might trigger a panic attack and he wants to avoid that at all costs. So my concern is what her condition will be in, let's say, ten years. My uncle told me he read that a possible end result could be suicide. Both my sister and her husband are VERY religious and do not socialize with other people much, if at all.

Sorry to hear that the usual treatment has not worked for you. I have a friend whose wife has agoraphobia and she has responded well to medication and counseling.

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Hi alnicov

Thank you for replying :huh:

If i am totally honest here this is a very difficult situation , all i can think of is perhaps trying to get your sister to talk to you while her husband is not there and explain how concerned you are about her , failing that perhaps explaining to her husband the quicker she get's therapy or meds the better if he becomes defensive i would just let him know your not being intrusive of there lives but only want what is best all round for the whole family

re the suicide part in all honesty i feel due to there religious beliefs hopefully that would be very unlikely

I wish i could be of more help here but hope i have reassured you if only a small bit

love dino


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