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Panic Attack Symptom's

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So just about all of us on here have suffered a Panic attack at some point…..well that’s what bought us here isn’t it?

But what exactly happens to our bodies? Why do we feel so bad?

There are many symptoms to a panic attack that can be thought of as symptoms as something a LOT more sinister, but in reality it is ‘just a panic attack’ and will not harm us.

So what are the main symptoms of a panic attack? What is happening to our body when we feel those symptoms and how can we help ourselves when we get those symptoms?

Shortness of breath or hyperventilation

What is it?

Hyperventilation is rapid or deep breathing that can occur with anxiety or panic, this can also cause several of the other symptoms of Panic attacks. If you get the hyperventilation in check then other symptoms will also subside.

What is happening in our bodies?

When we breathe normally we take breath at different speeds and depths this is so we can maintain the amount of carbon dioxide we have in our bodies and also supply the right amount of oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs.

When you breathe too fast as you do during a panic attack then your body produces and holds on to too much carbon dioxide. When your body senses that your carbon dioxide level is too high then it automatically assumes that your oxygen is low, which will then make your body send oxygen to your main organs as it assumes your body is in ‘crisis’

On the other hand if your carbon dioxide is too low then it causes your blood vessels to constrict making you lightheaded and dizzy.

What can we do to help ourselves?

To help ourselves we have to first of all get our breathing in control to do this we need to look at our posture… sitting hunched does not help, you need sit up straight so the air can enter and leave your body correctly.

To balance the carbon dioxide and oxygen in our body one of the main things to do is control your breathing, one way to do this is as follows…

---Breath in through your nose slowly for 5 seconds

---Hold for 3 seconds

---Breathe out through pursed lips for 7 seconds

The exact timings for this do not matter so much as long as you breath out for a couple of seconds longer than breathing in.

Breathing in and out into a paper bag can also help as you rebreathe the carbon dioxide you exhale.

Distraction is also a good technique for helping with hyperventilation.

As said before hyperventilation causes most of the other symptoms of a panic attack these include…

Rapid heartbeat.

Chest pains.

Light headedness/feelings of faint.

Difficulty concentrating.

Shortness of breath

Weak or tingling limbs.


Heart palpitations or a racing heart

What is it?

Exactly as it sounds a rapid/racing heart.

Heart palpitations are heartbeats that suddenly become more noticeable. Your heart may feel like it is pounding, fluttering or beating irregularly, often for just a few seconds or minutes. You may also feel these sensations in your throat or neck.

How you can help yourself.

One of the main ways to help yourself when experiencing palpitations is to control your breathing as said above and distracting yourself and remembering that they are not dangerous and will pass

Chest pain or discomfort

what is it?

Exactly as it sounds, pain or discomfort caused by hyperventilating and rapid breathing etc.

what is happening in my body?

The stress of heart palpitations and your heart beating rapidly causes discomfort in your chest, if anything in your body is working overtime then it will discomfort, this is exactly the same for the heart and muscles of your chest. If you go the gym and over use a muscle than that muscle aches but it passes in time.

What can I do to help myself?

Control your breathing and distract yourself to alleviate the thing that is causing the discomfort. To deal with the pain itself then painkillers could help, paracetamol or ibruprofen, but remember that if you are on any other medication then make sure that there are no interactions between those and the painkillers. Heat pads may also be beneficial at relieving pain

Globus/swallowing problems

What is it?

Globus sensation is the term used when you have the feeling of a lump in the back of your throat when actually there is no lump present, it may cause you to think you have difficulty swallowing

What causes it?

No one knows the exact cause of it; some people believe it is a problem with the coordination of the muscles in the throat which causes saliva to build up in the throat while you are swallowing leading to the feeling. While others think that acid reflux may contribute to the feeling

how can I help myself?

Stress is a major factor in this feeling, so when the ‘stress’ of the panic attack is over then this feeling should pass.

Weak or tingling extremities

What causes it?

As mentioned before, when we are hyperventilating our body thinks that our body is short of oxygen so therefore diverts the oxygen to the parts of your body that need it the most so the blood then flows to your vital organs leaving your fingers/toes tingling as they do not have so much of a blood supply.

How can I help myself?

The easiest way to help the tingling is to sort out your breathing and then the tingling numbness should subside

Other symptoms of a panic attack include…

Trembling or shaking

Feeling unreal or detached from your surroundings


Nausea or upset stomach

Hot or cold flashes

Fear of dying, losing control, or going crazy

The main part of a panic attack lasts for round about 10/20 minutes although some symptoms may take longer to subside as our body starts to relax.

We need to remember that a panic attack cannot hurt us and it is just a group of symptoms that combine together and make us feel completely rubbish and helpless.

If you are concerned that any of these symptoms may not be a panic attack then consult your doctor

no wonder we feel so bad, with all this happening in or body in a short of time :mellow:

And my hair stand's up on end lek this during one . minus the smile on my dial :lol:934157_524528507607275_1675779657_n_zps1e35a8fa.jpg

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Dino ...

What a wealth of information , When u live it , u learn to know it and that is very helpful .. I know how much u have been suffering with it all for so long ,

and I am so happy you can now see what and how and all the workings of what happens to u and your body ,,,, when going through this ,, Good Job Dino , on all you have learned from all of your suffering ...

Love ,

Flo xxxx

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