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Hello my name is Dacus and I live in Oklahoma with a fear of cockroaches. I am very new to discussion forums in general, and am excited to be here because I was directed here from google and there are apparently people on here that share my fear.

I am not exactly sure when my fear developed. I have always been averse to insects with exoskeletons, but I could deal with most of them (June bugs, beetles, locusts, ect). The cockroach has always been a different story.. I think the first incident was when I was 7 years old or so.. Going to the bathroom in my moms office.. Minding my own business when I look over and crawling up the urinal next to me (on my right) was a disgusting 2inch roach and a dead one on its back to my left.. Now I wasn't necessarily in a position to run away which is my first instinct, so in this instance what I do is I curl my toes up in my shoe and stand on them until I can get out (not sure why, it's just what happens). And now being 23 I don't use that bathroom unless someone checks it out before I go in. There have been other instances too but I don't want my first post to be so lengthy that no one reads it.

I realize that cockroaches are way smaller and cannot conceivably hurt me ( I am a 6 foot 204 pound male) but there is just something about those little disease carrying, nuclear bomb surviving creatures that scares the hell out of me. I am very open about my fear and not above asking ANYBODY for help regarding instances involving roaches.. I'm not sure how to end posts, so I will just say thanks for reading!


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Hiya Dacus

Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support

I am sorry to read of your fear of cockroaches , please never feel alone here on the forum as we all suffer in one way or another.

Have you told your doctor about your fear as he may refer you for CBT or another form of councelling to help alliviate your symptoms

Also try our chat room here where other's may have similar fear's to your's

I wish i could be of more help , but i myself suffer agoraphobia , GAD, severe panic attack's etc ,but i wish you all the best and please keep us updated on your progress etc

love dino



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Dacus .. Hello and welcome to Phobics Forum ...

Never be ashamed or think that your huge fear is not worthy of being a problem to you ... We do not know exactly why these things affect us in such a way , only know that you are far from alone ..

Like Dino said , check out also the chat room , u will find others with phobias of all sorts .. will make u feel better to know that we all in some way suffer.. :)/>

I would also talk to a professional , either your physician , or a councilor to see what help u can get there in Oklahoma ..


Love ,


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Thank y'all for the warm welcome! I will definitely see what the chat room is all about. I was seeing a therapist a few months ago for some panic attacks and anxiety, do professionals have phobia expert in their title?

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Hi Dacus

If i'm honest i am not sure if professionals do have phobia expert in their title, i suppose if there field of work is especially designed for phobias alone tbh they should have expert experiance in helping people with phobia's

In saying that i have met a few that proclaim to be experts only for them to be more in need of a phychiatrist than me :lol:

I suggest when you meet one ask exactly what there expertise is etc

love dino


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