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Needing chat, fellow fobics! Remember me?

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ahhhhhhhh I need the chat! So bad, holy cow, so bad. But when I click on the link there's just another link that says "download java". So I click it, download java supposedly, and yet still when I try to get into the room all it says is "download java" still. If I try to download it again, it says "java already downloaded." Help!!! I was well for a while, but I'm spiraling down. This room literally saved me. I need it again! And the stupid computer won't let me in!!! (I'd also like to add I know nothing about computers, so if there's anything I can do, please babystep me through it.)

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Hiya Gwen

Nice to see you back , although sorry to read your not doing to well :mellow:

Re the Java thing all i can sugesst is click on member list here go to admin's name pm them and hopefully they can fix the problem's your having with Java :)

Wish i could be of more help but i never use the Java so might aswel ask a blind man to be typing without a braille keyboard :lol:

Take care and hope you get in chat soon

love dino


look i found you trying to work out java lol jk hope you get it sorted asap 195603h01oqcayjh.jpg

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