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I hate my phobia!!!

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Hello I am hiding upstairs as there is a rather large beast of the 8 legged kind that's just popped out to say hello. My husband is on a late shift too so I'm stuck up here now :angry: Thought I'd try to find a forum and stumbled across this site. Grr so hungry too but I'm not risking it. I keep looking at the bedroom door in case it comes upstairs. So while I stop shaking and get rid of this nausea (actually think I'm going to be sick it was that big!) I'm going to watch a bit of TV to try and calm down. I guess it's back to a week of scanning the living room for spiders once my hubby gets rid of this one.

I hate summer cos of the bugs outside, I hate autumn cos of the daddy long legs *shudder* and I hate it when we edge to winter cos the spiders have got the flaming cheek to think we're a hotel! Seriously getting so angry with this phobia now <_<

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Hiya kayho

Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support :)

I am sorry to read of your fear of spider's etc , please never feel alone here on the forum as we all suffer in one way or another.

Have you told your doctor about your fear as he may refer you for CBT or another form of counseling to help alleviate your symptoms

Also try our chat room here where other's may have similar fear's to your's

I wish i could be of more help , but i myself suffer agoraphobia , GAD, severe panic attack's etc ,but i wish you all the best in overcoming your fears etc

love dino



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I feel for you. I panic like that from my hypochondria. I used to fear spiders. What helped me was that I learned about them, and which ones were poisonous. The daddy long leg (common in homes) is gentle and not poisonous to humans. They help keep the bugs out if the home :) The black widows are ones to avoid. And brown recluse. I would advise kill those 

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