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Suggestion for Chat

For those not wanting to write out their responses .  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like the way the chat room is now, as it is?

    • Yes, don't change a thing.
    • Yes, but a few changes are in order.
    • No, but it can never be perfect for everyone.
    • No, not at all. Major changes are needed.

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ok, this was started in my previous post where I was "about to call it quits", and I think this is deserving of its own thread.

ty, and yeh i completely agree with all the above re: chat (in other post). It's been suggested before (incl by myself) by a few chatters that a restructuring of the rooms and their names would probably help this situation. Basically have "lounge" be the main room that people first enter, then if people are in need of help or are of the mind to help others they can join the "help" room. Main room as it is now just seems to remain just this mixed bag of too much at once.

Now, that being said I also can accept that this is also a case of just accepting that you're not always going to be helped or supported in there 100 percent of the time, tho that would be nice, but not entirely realistic. The room as a whole goes through various moods and tolerances, and as such it becomes a matter of timing for when it, as group, is able and willing to go into "help mode". One has to do a sort of "testing of the waters" first, to determine just what mode people are in, rather than just start out all guns blazing with it.

But, if the first room ppl enter is "the lounge", into "the fray of random conversation" and if they're fine there, then ok. But if they're needing more serious, more focused discussion, then they can join the "help" room where there would be others who are able and willing to be in the mindset to help out and have that type of discussion. And yes, people are able to be in more than one room at the same time, and are not simply "banished" to another room entirely. But if you're going to be in the "help" room, then do that, be willing to both give and receive help in there.

It seems this would be much easier then trying to move an often large group of people to another room to carry on their off topic random conversation. Less confusion and frustration for all, incl the OPs trying to get them to move. This would also avoid the arguing and the often resulting kick/bans, which for someone in there to talk serious or of a painful issue, causes them to say "no nevermind, didn't mean to cause trouble" and leave. It's happened where person in need comes in, people are asked to direct attention onto them (or they themselves ask) and stop or move the off topic, and even that alone intimidates the person to say "nevermind". I call it "party pooper syndrome".

So, basically what's needed is more appropriate naming of ALL the rooms and a more clearly defined explanation of what each is for. And have "lounge" be the first room a person enters.

Cos as it is now... it isn't working and from what I've been told, it never really has.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


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