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Looking for similar people

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I was told I have PTSD. I take prazosin for the nightmares and it helps. I've also been on every psychiatric med under the sun for the past 10 years. I've actually circled around and been put on the same ones I've already tried before. Increase one med, add another with it, try a different type, different dosage and on and on. I have problems doing everyday things that used to not be a problem years ago. People scare the crap out of me. Having to go up and say something to someone is a big obstacle. I will go out of my way to avoid people even if it makes my life harder. I hate social anxiety. I also feel like people are staring at me and judging me and thinking bad things about me. Cognitive behavioral therapy says that is called mind reading and you shouldn't do it but that doesn't mean I won't. Anxiety makes everything ten times harder than it really is. I think our minds have some kind of "monster" inside that tells us everything is going to be horrible and a nightmare but after most situations they usually aren't near the big scary thing we made them out to be. That still doesn't stop us from fearing the next thing tomorrow or a week from now. I have to make my mind slow down and calm down and not let it go exploring  into the future about how bad things may be or what could go wrong. I have to schedule my days and plan when I'm going to do things and only focus on what I'm doing today. Do you guys feel that way?

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Hiya December 

Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support , secondly i am so sorry to read you have  Anxiety- panic attacks etc etc  :mellow:

I  myself can relate as i have all the same feelings and phobias  along with severe agoraphobia and health anxiety etc - i even run away and hide in my bed if anyone comes to the house even family members 

Also like you i have had every medication under the sun all to no avail ,and CBT for me was not even a properly trained therapist -unfortunately where i live resource's are useless to put it mildly 

Also please try our chat room where others may be experiencing similar problems - please keep posting and i wish you all the very best in overcoming some if not all of your fears etc 


Again a huge 154welcome.gif

love dino


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Hi! I'm still trying to figure out how this site works and how a chat room works. I see stuff pop up and I don't know who is talking to who or who I'm talking to or anything. I don't know anything about a chatroom. Do people keep their names a secret? It said choose a nickname I so I just put december because that's what month it was and I assumed the name wasn't already taken. I hate that when I have to pick a username for a website and all the ones I want are already taken so I just try to come up with the first weird thing I can think of lol. I was so relieved to hear that you hide when people come to your house. I do the same thing. It makes no sense. They're family. We should feel comfortable around family but we don't. I hate hiding from people. I feel like I'm being a jerk. I used to live what I call a normal life. I was married 14 years with a nice house and kids but we split up and I moved in with my parents. Everything has just gone down hill since. My parents have bad health and I take care of them and the house. A nurse comes to the house once a week and I always hide in my room until he leaves. They also have people that come and bring them groceries once a week and I always find somewhere else to be when they come. I think one of the worst things about all this is when you have to explain yourself to someone. I haven't come up with a good explanation yet. Very few people know what anxiety is all about and if you try to tell them, they look at you like you told them you've been kidnapped by aliens and taken to the mothership lol.

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Firstly  i am sorry your having trouble figuring out the site -i promise you will get used to it and here is the link to the chat room  http://www.phobiasupport.com/chatroom/

Also this below might help a bit - i know how debilitating your feeling my severely handicapped son has carers and i hide from them and i hide from the shopping man to -infact for some ungodly reason i hide from anyone and everything - you can also change your nick if you wish -the reason we use nick names is an identidy issue ie if we all used "susan" for example we would all be even more confused lol 


I know this below is easier said than done  but any-things worth a try ....hope this helps if even a tiny bit

Panic attacks are sudden, unexpected episodes of fear accompanied by physical symptoms such as racing heart, shallow breathing, sweating and dizziness. Since panic attacks result from the body's misguided preparation to fight for survival or flee for safety, you can counteract a panic attack by relaxing the body and slowing down its preparation for battle. Changing your breathing is the most straightforward and effective way of reassuring your body that it's not in danger.

Anticipation Makes Panic Worse


According to a 2006 National Co-morbidity Survey published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, only about one-sixth of those who experience panic attacks develop panic disorder, an anxiety disorder characterized by frequent, recurrent panic attacks and a preoccupation with future attacks. But even periodic panic attacks are unpleasant and frightening, and most people who have had them experience some degree of dread at the thought of additional attacks.


The problem is that response to panic attacks and anticipation of future attacks can affect the frequency and intensity of these attacks. All panic attacks start with an initial wave of panic and some physical symptoms, and the severity of the attack is the direct result of the response to those first sensations. Unfortunately, many people respond with additional panic but it's this fear of fear that can drive a panic attack to severe heights. Changing your response to initial panic can minimize the attack and allow it to pass more quickly. The easiest way to do this is with breathing.


Shallow, rapid breathing makes panic worse. Slower, deeper breathing relaxes the body, slows heart rate and demonstrates to the body that everything is okay. One way to see if your breathing is deep enough is if your belly rises and falls as you breathe. Place your hands over your belly so you can feel the air being pulled deep into the diaphragm. Try to make your hands rise and fall as your breathing slows.


Exhale Slowly


Slowing the rate that you breathe out will make your body more relaxed. Extend how long it takes to exhale, and be sure to exhale completely. With each breath, try to increase the amount of time it takes to push all the air out of your lungs.

Don't Blow Out the Candle



One way to slow down your breathing is to pretend that there is a lit candle in front of you that you don't want to blow out. (Of course, you can practice with a real candle as well.) Blowing at a flame gently enough that it doesn't go out guarantees a slow, measured exhalation that will lower your heart rate and make you feel more relaxed.

Inhale Nose, Exhale Mouth


It's easy for your mind to wander while you're trying to slow down your breathing. Instead, give yourself something to focus on. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is unnatural and requires concentration. Directing your attention to your breathing in this way will distract you from anxious thoughts and allow you to gain greater control over your breathing.

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Thanks for the advice dino.

I had been unemployed for 8 months and finally felt competent enough to get a part time job. I was doing ok at it and then business picked up and I started to panic but then I just slowed down and took it one thing at a time and then the panic subsided. Breathing really helps. I find that when I get anxiety if I just slow my actions and not let my mind race then it helps a lot.

I used to have a really good job doing something I always wanted to do but with the onset of anxiety and then panic attacks, I couldn't handle my job responsibilities anymore. Even though the job I just started only pays 1/3 of what I used to make, I feel proud of myself to actually be doing something again. I guess sometimes in life you get some major set-backs and you just kind of have to start your life all over again. I tell myself I'm just taking baby steps until I can build up courage again and overcome all these fears and anxieties.

I hope others will read this and maybe it will help them in some way. :-)

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There's so few people to talk to. Family gets tired of hearing your problems so you just keep them inside. It's not a good feeling.


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