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New Girl Here

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Hello. I am new to the forum. I joined because I have a pretty extreme fear of driving, and possibly agoraphobia. I am hoping to learn more about these issues, and hear other people's experiences, and maybe share some of own.

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Hello Hyacinth ,

I am glad that you came into forum , I understand to have such a fear of something , it feels like it is crippling to you . As for Agoraphobia , U may well have it ... if you can give me more info on what your feelings are, and have you talked to a counselor or Dr..?? I am a recovering Agoraphobic , who can do some things like go out to certain places , and lead an almost normal life, but with many limitations , I try to work around them . I have accepted them and do what I can .Also there is Dino , who is a member she suffers from severe Agoraphobia , unable to leave her house at all..

so WE would like to say a huge welcome to you .. !!! :)/>/

5387698539-66045708.gif :rolleyes:/>

Love ,

Flo xx

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Hiya Hyacinth

Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support ... secondly my sincerest apologies for my late response i have been bed bound with a slipped disc in my back :o

I am sorry to read of your problems above ,although i do not drive i am indeed agoraphobic to the degree of being housebound for the past 12 years or more :mellow:

As flo says please if you can could you let us know a bit more about your fears ..have you been to your doctor had medications ,CBT etc

Again welcome-2.gif

love dino


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