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Fear Of Being Alone At Night Monophobia

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Hi I suffer from Monophobia. At night time it is the worst, and it takes me hours to get to sleep. During the day, I am alright, and catch up on some sleep.*

In a way it is crazy, as I do like my own company, and find always things to do. Have a very good male friend, but sometimes they like to understand, but actually don't.

Don't suffer from panic attacks, like a dry mouth, and all the other issues associated with that. I just can't sleep properly. I can go out in public, it doesn't worry me.

At home alone during the day, is not so much of issue, just the night time.

We had 3 roommates, but now that 2 have left, feel more alone. Also during the day time we have another person here (caregiver), to look after my very old roommate.*

In a way that helps me as well. In time we'll have more again.

Think in a way it is a good things with the roommates moving, and can be alone more gradually.*

I do suffer from anxiety more then from depression. Keeping myself busy, as much as possible. Would like to hear from anyone with similar experiences.

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Hiya Peter

A huge welcome to the forum ... i also suffer all the above along with G.A.D .... panic severe agoraphobia etc so i can relate a lot to how your feeling :mellow:

Please keep posting and let us know a bit more about how it affects you on a daily basis .... have you had counselling meds etc .... and hopefully myself and others on here can help you in knowing your not alone

I myself have had about every prescription known to mankind to no avail have been housebound over 12 years or more daily tasks are a huge struggle due to me being so faint /dizzy 24/7 .... I was trying C.B.T .... but due to nhs cutbacks this has stopped meantime as where i live is remote and we have very few people trained to do this properly .... i also have a very underactive thyroid in fact i'm just a wreck ... I think i need a vet :o

I have also just posted a article under anxiety part of the forum which i hope helps you a bit

Please feel free to keep posting and you do not feel your alone here on the forum :)

Again welcomedoggy-1.jpg

love dino


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:)/>/> :)/>/> :)/>/>

Hello Peter !!

Welcome to our Forum ... I think Dino has covered all in her article on anxiety , a very good read :)/>/> .

Myself , I suffer with PTSD >> which includes so many different phobias.. I had a horrible time during the night , as I felt alone as well ....It is hard to explain and have people understand , if they have not been through anything like this , so u will find many here , very understanding .. :)/>/>

Feel free to express yourself ...


Love ,

Flo xxx

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