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Hello everyone! :)

I'm new here. I don't now much about the site, so i hoped, that maybe some of you guys could help me a little.

My name is Emilia, I'm 17 years old, and live in Denmark. Pretty bad at english, but i hope you can understand me! ;-)

Gret site! I'm so glad, i found it! It's already helped me!! :)

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Hello Emilia ,

I am so glad also that you have found this site , If you could give us a bit of information about yourself and what it is that you suffer with , Anxiety , panic attacks , ?? We will be able to relate more to you. :)/>/>

I was helped very much by coming to this site, it is good to know that others too suffer from things u are feeling and in learning that you do not feel so alone ..

Dino , another woman will be posting here to welcome u also , she is at the moment , not feeling up to par so will be on either tomorrow or next day .

SO for now , A huge Welcome to you . Keep posting and we will do our best to keep our replies coming .. :)/>/>

Love ,

Flo xxx


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Hiya Emila

Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support :)

Please never feel alone here on the forum as we all suffer in one way or another.

Have you told your doctor about your fear as he may refer you for CBT or another form of counseling to help alleviate your symptoms

Also try our chat room here where other's may have similar fear's to your's

I myself suffer agoraphobia , GAD, severe panic attacks etc ,but i wish you all the best and please keep us updated on your progress etc

love dino



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