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Hello all

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Hello all,
I am just starting CBT therapy for anxiety and depression and wanted to find a place where I can feel safe to chat. I think joining this forum will make things easier for me to seek help, advice and support.

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Hiya Achlesdd

Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support , secondly i am so sorry to read you have anxiety and depression , i myself can relate as i have both along with severe agoraphobia and health anxiety etc 

Do yo mind me asking if you take any medications and if so do they help 

Also i hope your CBT  course helps ..

Again a huge 154welcome.gif

love dino


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Hello Achlesdd,  !


         Welcome,  and Happy to hear that you have started CBT .  I think it could be a very good way to learn to get over a lot of what you are feeling , I do hope it works for you ..I have PTSD, and suffer from all the phobias and of course anxiety and depression ... so understand what you are feeling .. At the time I had my onset of my PTSD .. it was not really an option, the CBT , and also my insurance did not cover it ... this was 22 yrs ago .. I am on Medication and see my Dr every six months for med maintenance ... I found much help here talking to people who suffer as I did , up until then I thought I was just plain crazy .. :(   but after meeting so many who suffer similar things I was >> I felt so much better about myself ..  and realized that none of this was my fault, something we tend to think.

     Hope to see you back on !

Flo xxx



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