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Telling your story

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I am a second year student at the University of the West of England (BRISTOL) studying photography. 

I am beginning a project about people who have agoraphobia and/or another kind of social anxiety. I am interested in telling the stories of people living with these fears and anxieties and what that is like. 

I was wondering if anyone with agoraphobia or a related anxiety would be open to speaking to me and telling me their story/experience, answering a few questions and perhaps take some photographs if anyone would be willing?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Esme13 

I  would be happy to share with you my experiences of severe Agoraphobia but sorry i couldn't be agreed on having my photograph taken unless i was given a free make over by a top make up and body artist :lol:

Seriously as i said i will do the story if its going to help your studies , pm me with details of what you need to know and i will endeavour to do my utmost in helping you 

ps welcome to phobia support 

love dino 


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I went through 5 years where I could barely leave the house for groceries.  Destroyed a marriage over it.  due to the nature of that loss I was forced to move far away from where I had lived for 15 years.  I joined the American Legion and the VFW and now make myself leave the house for a minimum of one hour every day to go to one of these clubs and socialize.  It seems to be keeping the agoraphobia at bay.  But some days it requires me to FORCE myself to go.  I would share some of that with you if you think it will help.



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Hi Catch22 

A huge welcome to phobia support 

I am so sorry to read of your problems - i myself have been housebound over 15 years and occasionally try to go out with my mental health support worker in her car but only for a maximum of five to ten minutes , which is during and after the most petrifying experiance and leaves me bed bound for days after  

Keep up the good work with your clubs and again a huge  154welcome.gif

love dino xXx

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if this is still relevant, i would like to say that i can go outside but after a few days of my parents forcing me to go out each day, i cant stop shaking and my whole body has been hurting and i dont even want my skin to be touching my body

i grew up with my wonderful family, and my sister is my best friend in the whole world, but she suffers from depression, bipolar disorder, ADD, etc. and so i grew up in an environment where i had to be constantly worrying about whether my sister would live through the day or not. She cut, she overdosed, she sat on bridges, and nothing i said could help her live her life like everyone else, and that made me feel horrible because the one person i truly only wished happiness upon couldn't be happy. 

It must have had some sort of effect on me, i assume.

My anxiety, i assume, takes form in strange ways. 

It makes me feel like everyone is looking at me, and the thought that im surrounded by people i know nothing about scares me. I dont like when things touch me, especially other people, and i don't like hearing voices of people i don't know well. It makes me constantly pull out strands of my hair, my eyelashes, my eyebrows. im constantly eating because otherwise my hands fiddle with things or go to my hair, and pull. The more stressed i get, the more rashes cover my body. I hate bright lights and voices, and i have nightmares about walking down streets full of people, but their heads all face me even if their body isn't. I'm always worried about having panic attacks and anxiety attacks and breakdowns, and im beginning to fall behind on schoolwork because i can't handle all of it.

I just don't want to leave the house anymore.

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I am new here.  I'm not sure about photographs, that would require some thought, but I am open to share my story with you.

I've not shared it with anyone yet and was told it would help to talk about it.  

I am new to this support site, I was not aware there was such a thing as on-line support.  

If you are still interviewing people, let me know.

Thank you,



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