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im ghost, but not in a sense that im worried that im invisible, more that i wish i could be invisible

im not a very nice person, i must say, because i get so caught up in my own worries that i forget about everything else

i know that there must be other people like me, but no one i know is

it's strange, there are so many people like me yet none close to me??? It makes sense but i don't want it to. I want my parents to understand that im not lying when i say that i don't want them touching me, that i don't hate myself like my sister but that i wish i could tear my skin off and disappear because it feels like everyone is staring at me and it scares me. im not scratching my arms because i think i deserve it, but because i can't /not/ scratch myself and pull out my hair. It's like an instinct.

im so scared of everyone, and myself, and im so scaredof objects and school and responsibilities but i don't trust anyone enough to let them take over.

I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, but im going to see my sister's therapist? Psychologist? Something-- very soon.

Please respond to this, because im not scared of people when i only see their words

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Hi Ghost

Firstly my apologies for my late reply 

Secondly i notice like a lot of us that suffer you say your not a very nice person re your own worries etc -that is so common to have this low self esteem -but i have read your other post about how much you helped your sister so to me that makes you a very kind and indeed caring person 

Have you spoken to your doctor or a therapist regarding all the above if not i suggest you do as there is no shame about any of your phobias etc 

I also hope the psychologist helps you understand how to control your feelings etc 

Also please try our chat room where others may be able to help you more

Again a huge 154welcome.gif

love dino



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