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I just watched the video & read some of the pieces listed & I just wanted to share w/ya'll what I did that has CONSIDERABLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I have a german shepherd, mental health service dog. I'm much better than I use to be w/the agoraphobia, but nothing is a "cure all"! I still suffer w/panic attacks & anxiety, but when I do he even helps me w/that! There's NO PLACE HE CANT GO W/ME! In the 10 years I've had him, we've NEVER been apart accept when he had surgery. U can call me "co-dependant", but I'd much rather be that than agoraphobic!!!! IT'S TOTALLY AMAZING HOW MUCH HE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I hope that @ least 1 person finds this info usefull!

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Hiya SamsonsMom

Firstly sorry for my late reply - i am so happy to read how your German shepherd has helped with your agoraphobia - where i live they don't provide service dogs  

I do however have a border collie but still unfortunately cannot get out due to my severe panic diziness etc 

Happy walking with your dog and i wish you continued success with your service dog

Again a huge huge   154welcome.giflove dino xXx

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