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New, seeking help towards getting better

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Hello all, I'm happy I've found a place after so many failed attempts to get through this thing. I only found out it had a name last night!

Since having an intruder in my flat a few months ago I've had a fear of being indoors alone, which is now a total pain. I miss my independence. From what I read of other people's experience of monophobia, my situation is mild but I realise that I also can't carry on telling myself it'll go away by itself. So, any advice and help here will be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

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Hiya Perdita

Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support , secondly i am so sorry to read you have monophobia  :mellow:


I  myself can relate as i have both along with severe agoraphobia and health anxiety etc 


Another port of call may be to phone your doctor and ask for help ,as they are usually very understanding of situations such as this -Also please try our chat room where others may be of help 


Do yo mind me asking if you take any medications and if so do they help 


Again a huge 154welcome.gif

love dino


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