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I did it

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I know maybe it doesn't seem like much but to a person who is agoraphobic this is a big accomplishment for me.Well I finally went and sat outside again today for about an hour.I was alone nobody bothered me I took with me my knitting so what I am going to try to keep doing is going outside every day again even if it is for a half hour it is a start ,this is coming from someone who is afraid of just about everything. Staying inside is not doing me any good,I am yelling ,cant sleep or even eat but in my case that is good lol.I am crawling up the walls I am sick and tired of living in this prison. I need to see the outdoors ,thanks for listening..Carol 

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I have been going outside for about four hours a day now even though I feel so anxious and depressed because it wasn't doing me any good just to lay down and mope around .I dread it once winter comes won't be able to go out at all.Just have to be careful of the skunks around here lol however they don't come out until late at night.Ps I want to get sprayed.lol

just a big hug for anyone who needs one

a  hug.JPG

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