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Phobia of cats.

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Fear or Phobia of Cats

The phobia of Cats is called ailurophobia

People have different reasons for their fear of cats. However, most of them can point to an experience in their past that made them afraid of the animals. While it is always prudent to treat animals with respect, it is not normal to panic at the sight of an ordinary cat or kitten...........Read more

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I use to have a big fear of cats but not anymore since  I had my late  brothers cat to catch a little mouse who I saw run clear across my living room in my trailer .Try to picture this I was pregnant at the time and I jumped up on kitchen table and scream,so now cats are my friend,However my biggest animal fear is snakes I cannot even look at one on tv or anything because I get sick to my stomach then I cry because it is so bad,it doesn't help matters any either when you have bad nightmares about them.Years ago I saw chasing a little bird and I jumped on  the picnic table my neighbor heard me scream he checked out the area it went and crawled underneath my house,I was so afraid it would get inside,oh that poor little bird this was no small snake about four ft and inch one is to big for me.They make my stomach crawl. Oh by the way what is fear of snakes .I even hate to type that word uck

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