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Would it be okay to put an area for those who have bipolar? it is something I am struggling with lately (symptoms even if its not bipolar but they seem the same) and could use advice..but if that takes it beyond hte scope of the original intention of the site that's cool :) Where should i post if i need some help with cycling mood swings etc? Any suggestions?

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Adding another suggestion here...which isn't really all that important but it was in my head. I was thinking about doing a sticky/pin for "Leaving/Coming back" for phobics and for Birthday wishes. Seen it done in another forum I go to for Anime and just thought it might be useful :)

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What about a hot topic usuallly in chat, medication? ... with full disclaimer of course that no one here is a professional / doctor and all should gvo to a pro, etc. But itt's helpful to get some feedback from others on their experiences with meds and such (yeh I have a med situation and would like to know if anyone else has had this... but I dunno where to post it)


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