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I am freaking out and I dont know what to do

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Okay so I sent in my rent money it was sent back to me.I have a feeling they are evicting me this is just plan bs.Why because I have a yelling problem,so I emailed the senior center coordinator and called my doctor just for a letter and I also told them they need for  my land lady to stay away from me ,i am crying writing this .I am feel so depressed and anxious as it is now well actually having a panic attacks,Ok first of all from what I read they cannot throw you out if you are disabled further that witch has no business coming inside my apt asking me about my physical and mental state.That is the law the land person has no right to come into someones apt.unless it is an emergency and she worms her way in here all of the time. I cannot move ,why because i got nowhere to go,Clearly a mental illness is not accepted where I live.. That my friends is discrimination. I asked my son for help too.Gosh i am at my wits end. Frankly I am scared.I mean why would they even bother to inspect my place last week or tell me to shut the windows .I am crying shaking like a leaf.. I need help in the  worse way.. 

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Hi Carol 

I am sorry to read the above -This as you say is indeed discrimination can you phone your mental health worker if you have one hopefully he /she can help 

Failing that call the mental health team or social services and explain your situation to them as by law they have a duty of care and this cannot be allowed as she is going to as you say homeless 

Good luck and i know it is easier said than done try to calm down as as i said they have a duty of care regardless of where you live 

love dino


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Hi I did contact the senior coordinator and I told him that my land lady needs to stay away from me and even my son said so,I even pointed out that she is not suppose to come into my apt asking about physical and mental issues which she is always doing, it is illegal for her to come into my apt unless something is an  emergency .She is suppose to be here next Sat I will refuse to open the door for her that is my right she just makes me so nervous i think part of my anxieties is because of her.Guess what else half of her family lives here to how convient spelling is bad is that also the handyman is like her nephew.. I cannot deal with her and I did explain to the man what my illness are and that I cannot help my yelling however the good news is I havent yelled in almost two weeks instead of yelling i just whisper  what I want to say when I get angry. I think I know what may have happened well since the mail didnt say return to sender it was just given to me i think the mail man might have gotten messed up he has done that before but as you know we are not perferct.He put like my apt no next to there addy so i think he got confused geez I hope.. Bad  news my doctor never called back for some reason they don't want to help me with this,all I asked for was a short note just saying my yelling is part of my illness ugh sometimes the doctors around here could care less all they see is dollar signs...

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Good morning I feel so darn shaky today well first the power goes out and you know how I feel about losing things ugh i just don't feel normal like I am in a fog a real space cadet  so I will try to see if I can sit outside.No sun but that doesnt bother me any.....

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