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Aii I know is that I have to take meds for gerd a- acid reflex most of the time.I get bad chests pains and I can actually feel my muscles contract at times,What really does scare me is sometime I will get like a tickle in my throat then the next thing you know I cannot catch my breath and I start gagging sometimes I will throw up however most of the time it is just sorry dont mean to gross you out  it is a tiny bit of mucus. Sometimes my heartburn is bad even though i have tried Tums they won't work but Gaviscon  does work for me ..The chest pains can become very uncomfortable at times oh my goodness  especially if the muscles do contract t feels like I got a horse sitting on top of my chest.I cannot eat when I am like that..It makes me so anxious to i know it is mostly gas but everything makes me nervous I never lay down right after I eat  because that could make it worse.Sometimes I take deep short breathes and it works for about  a second or two.oh ya one more thing the gerd can also give you an awful taste and cause sinus infections ,,, just thought u should know


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