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Mood Swings From Hell

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I am dealing with some extreme mood swings. I'll go from content and happy to suicidal and rageful in the matter of an hour with no situational or provoked reason. I know i need to get back on medication and I'm working on that but its getting very difficult to deal with and manage. I am hurting those around me emotionally and I do not want to do that. Also when I get rageful, it goes inward to where self harming urges become a problem. Does anyone have experience in managing this in a healthy manner? Please help me if you can.

Thank you


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Sorry to hear that hun. It's terrible to be in such a state.

I take things inwards often as well, due to having been introverted a large part of my life. And have had self harming urges too, but just flashes that I could push aside again, although they left me feeling badly. I think what helps me much is to confide with someone I find comfort talking to and telling them all my thoughts, wording them out makes them more tangible. You also get another point of view of the thoughts, one that you might not have thought of before, and can use for good benefit yourself.

Like tuesday at the clubhouse, I went there for first time in 2 weeks and was met by what I thought of snyde remarks by one of the staff. I took that with me and because I am vulnerable, exaggerated and spun tales on it in my mind, which weren't exactly good for me. Next day though, I contacted another staff person, talked with her about it, and after having shared my thoughts, I was able to be in good company with the other staff who I felt had hurt me.

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Ygg, I appreciate you posting. To be honest I find talking to others about what is going on with me difficult. I feel selfish and am trying to learn that selfish does not mean I am a bad person. Or well being selfish sometimes at least isn't bad. My T said it was nurturing yourself. I am going to the ER/urgent care on Saturday. HOpefully medication will help me.

Thanks for posting xxx

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Hi I have depression to along with he mood swings however my problem is I yell and believe me I got into trouble here where I live plenty of times.What makes me  upset is that the land lady just doesn't try to understand how i feel she cares more about the physical illnesses here.I do feel bad for the sick ones but having a mental illness where I live is not acceptable.Believe me I have tried like the devil to stop my yelling .It usally occurs when I lose something or someone gets me upset.Meaning like places I buy for. I get really nervous when my computer messes up and my tv goes . If my husband was still alive he I know he would have helped me.Some days it gets so bad I mean one minute I can be singing the next I am yelling like crazy and it doesn't even sound like me.I suppose part of it is because I feel useless and on top of that the frustration inside of me has to come out.Like today for intense I had a very bad anger attack yes there are things called anger attacks I did some research on it.It was so bad I could hardly talk and I know someone will say something again,they even threatened to evict me.I cannot help it.I try some things like going outside which will help singing and humming or just like talking through my teeth but it doesn't always work some days I can laugh it off others ugh.I am not a bad or mean person it is just part of my illness,I just wish they would get it around here ,my land lady knows I am doing it because of my illness and that I get frustrated.I just don't understand why she cannot get it.To be honest she makes me nervous and I frankly cannot stand her.I think she knows to that she makes me nervous and I don't doubt that is why she does it. I am trying what more can I do,some days I wish i could well shoot myself but I wont it is just intrusive thinking. I love just about everyone.I couldn't hurt anyone and my land lady knows this to,but boy when she wants something she can be so nice...She said something to me last week and I finally told her it was none of her business it isn't.She thinks just because she runs this place she can put her nose into every ones business.I pay my rent on time.Anyway she comes out and tells me I need to respect her more why because someone finally stood up to her guess she didn't like it someone telling her to mind her own business.Then she says Carol you need to respect me more respect her ,I just told her I will respect you when you respect me.She is not well liked around here.Then what happens after I hang up the phone I started crying yelling and shaking.I wish she would just leave me alone she is always picking on me for something.I sit here in my apt minding my own business and I still get into trouble.I do take meds but they are not working.Having anxieties and panic to doesn't help me either. I want all of this gone.I do  have a great friend who will sit with me when she can.for about 2 hours ,she understands how I feel. She loves me no matter what .I am far from perfect.But I cannot stand to see people hurting or suffering I have the need to want to help them. Sometimes people will walk all over me to because I am afraid to say something.Sorry so long but I needed to get it out .If anyone can help with how to manage my yelling I would like to know.thanks to everyone here.

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