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Tips to Cope with Depression

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I saw this and thought it was interesting. Maybe it will help someone :)

Here are some ideas for feel-good things to do when you feel depressed. It is amazing how doing something for others will lift your spirits.

Write a pen pal letter to a service member stationed overseas. If you can afford it, send a care package to troops overseas.

Adopt a pen pal orphaned child in Africa or your favorite country. Adopt an orphan here in America and write them letters. Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters and take a child to the zoo. Offer to take a disadvantaged family from your child's school on an outing.

Visit a nursing home to read books, sing, or play a musical concert for patients and residents. Take a nursing home resident for a walk in the courtyard area. Share pictures with them that they can use to decorate their room. Help them write a letter to a loved one.

Arrange to speak about your career at a public school, church, or community college program for career exploration. There are also community outreach programs to help train disadvantaged people how to find jobs. Offer to do mock interviews with people who use these organizations. Offer to give a class in how to write a resume and a letter of application.

Arrange to speak about your business, creative, or technology skills at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Volunteer to tutor in a school or an adult literacy program at the local library.

"Adopt" an elderly or disabled person in your neighborhood and offer to take them to the grocery store, to doctor's appointments, to a movie, or shopping for clothes.

Gather clothes, books, magazines, games, and other unwanted stuff in your house and donate those things to a local Hospice Center.

Visit a Veterans Hospital and play some games or read to a disabled vet. Donate magazines, books, old computers and games to VA Hospitals.

Volunteer to work in a hospital in the gift shop or at the information desk. Volunteer to do arts and crafts projects with terminally ill patients at children's hospitals.

Make cookies, candy, muffins or other treats for your trash collectors, mail delivery persons, neighbors, teachers, or others to help brighten their day.

taken from: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/320257/feelgood_things_to_do_when_you_feel_pg3.html?cat=5.

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Tnx Kuno

....The volunteer stuff has helped me a lot. In Calif. I helped with adult day care (alzheimer mainly) and helped at the food bank (mostly paperwork to get them started). Both made me feel better about myself and in turn those around me. The folks who had to come to food bank were really great, usually sad about asking for help but quick to give it in return. At adult day care there smiles and laughs were the greatest reward, bless there souls. Anyways ur right on with this post, depression is a bummer but there are ways of dealing with it. Not doing anything here yet but will when spring comes and the snow leaves.

.....Luv Ya All.....Pog

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