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I'm looking for people who suffer from emetophobia!

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im new to this forum. I have been having a extremely difficult day today, it's not 3.4am and I'm still awake and not feeling too good. 

Im on here looking for people who I can talk to every now and then who suffer with emetophobia too. I just think it would be nice to talk to someone who actually understands and knows how I feel. I'm just so fed up and feel so lonely because people say they understand, but unless you have emetophobia you will never truly understand!

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hi, i dont know how your doing, but hope your ok, i have just joined...i have suffered since i was 15 and im now 43, i know exactly how you feel, i become a recluse in the autumn and winter months in the fear of catching a sickness bug, i have irrational fears, and nobody seems to understand, but im here if you want a chat xx

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Hi all, 

I am so glad I have found this place, I have suffered all my life, I’m now 28. Feel relieved to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. Really hope some one wants to chat.


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