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Monophobia And The Fear Of Being Alone

Monophobia is the fear of being alone. Almost all human beings seek the company of others. That’s perfectly natural. Monophobia sufferers not only seek the companionship of others, they are frightened of being alone and that is a form of anxiety disorder that can literally paralyze them. A past frightening experience may set off this irrational fear but it is not always an easy to identify the cause.

The Symptoms Of Monophobia

While everyone is alone sometimes, they do not have an unreasonable fear of being alone. monophobics on the other hand develop a deep seated fear that continues until they are in someone else’s company. It may be any other person, but often it is an irrational need to be with someone in particular.

The intensity of this disorder can be severe. Even being alone in a familiar place, like their own home, may be cause for distress. Severe monophobics can get to the point where they are unable to do everyday things like go to the bathroom alone without being frightened.

Other social situations can also trigger this reaction. Eating in public places or being watched by a stranger can make them very uncomfortable to the point they refuse to go to social gatherings at all. The personal nature of this type of attention can create a feeling of being alone even though they have a trusted person with them.
There is more involved in monophobia than just fear. Because the mental fears are so intense, physical symptoms can also occur. A severe case may cause the monophonic to become nauseous or develop shortness of breath. In more severe cases an anxiety attack may actually trigger heart palpitations.

For those who are afraid of situations where they feel alone, such as at a podium or on stage, their fear may cause their throat to constrict and make swallowing difficult.
These physical symptoms are just as real as those inner fears that exist in the mind.

Monophobia And Relationships

Monophobia can severely test even the closest of friends. Constantly asking them to be with you may cause them to dread your phone calls. Other people have their own lives to lead and even though they are willing to they may end up resenting your demands on their time.

Even family members can become tired of your constant need for attention and start to withdraw from you. Spouses, because they are often the first in line, may also become resentful. Calling and demanding that your spouse come home from work because you are having a fear attack can also cause problems with his or her job. This can put an undue stress on your marriage.

Monophobia Treatments

To date there have been no conclusive studies that have shown prescription medications to be a viable treatment.
Psychological therapy has been the usual course of treatment. Slowly increasing the time someone with monophobia spends alone is the usual technique. Slowly, it is possible to learn to manage your fear.