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This chat room is operated by people who have Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, OCD, Dental Phobia, School Phobia, P.T.S.D, Driving Phobia, Emetophobia, Mental Health Problems, To name but a few…. and know what it’s like. We will try to help you to the best of our abilities.

Mobile Chatroom available,

Please feel free to ask questions at any time. However, we would appreciate it if you stay friendly. Cussing doesn’t help anyone. We know there can be bad days, but talking helps solving a problem,
you’ll find the chatroom, warm, safe, friendly and welcoming.
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Thank you.

Chat room rules can be found Here Please read them.

If anyone is upsetting you or you don’t want to listen to them because the topic maybe upsetting you can use the command /ignore nick You will not be able to see what that person is typing.

Over 16’s only,

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Using mIRC or any other irc client to connect then it is irc.phobiasupport.com

Port 6667

Channel #phobiahelp

Or there is a Mirc chat already setup find the information in the downloads link.

Mobile Android App Just download any free IRC chat App and use the above to connect to chat.

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