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“I have suffered with agoraphobia anxiety and panic attacks finding the live chat room was a blessing not only do I not feel I’m alone anymore I have build up true friendships all over the world”.

“I suffer from Agoraphobia, Panic attacks and Emetophobia, The chat room as been wonderful over the years it’s helped me so much, People are so friendly and helpful”.

“I suffer from mental health problems, I also suffer from depression, The free chat room and forum as been a god send to me”.

“I have nervous anxiety.
People that know what you mean and get it without judgement is like finding a island after a shipwreck”.

“Hello, I suffer from PTSD and am on my way to recovering somewhat from agoraphobia, It has been 14 years now, Two years ago, I found this site, What a blessing, I always prayed for those all over the world, who suffered as I did, And now I can talk to them and even call them good friends!!! I always thought I was an abnormality, Until I found Phobia support, This is like having a family, Besides your family, The difference being we all understand each other…If only i had this 14 yrs ago, But then I would not have turned out to be the person I am now, Thank you Phobia support for helping me, To be myself among others like me, Whom I have grown to love!!!”.

“I suffer from clinical depression, with tenancy’s I wont mention in here. The chat room has/is a great support group, with lots of friendly faces to meet and greet you as you enter”.

“Having suffered with panic attacks, g.a.d and agoraphobia for 3 years, I felt so alone feeling nobody understood me… Then I found chat, and suddenly i’m not alone anymore, everybody is so helpful and kind, I have made so many friends, and had some wonderful chats!”

“Therapy…$90 an hour, Doctors appt….$65, Internet Bill ….$55, Phobia Chat & Forum….PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!”.

“I get agoraphobia, panic, ocd, a bunch of phobias and they have affected me at different severities over the last 4 years.
Sometimes I come here when I’m happy, sometimes when i’m down, sometimes im chatty and sometimes i dont say anything at all, sometimes when i feel really lousy i sign in and then go without saying anything at all. Sometimes i get comfort from talking to others the same and sometimes it brings me down. But its always ALWAYS a comfort to know that im not alone and that hidden in this fabulous online community is so many that suffer the same afflictions as myself”.

“I suffer from agoraphobia.anxiety and panic, I have been coming here nearlly 3 years, Finding both this forum and chatroom has not only been a lifesaver for me it has been part of my life,
People here do not only understand what we go through day in day out, I always feel free to express my emotions etc in as much detail as need be, Knowing that i am talking to people who will not judge me, I am amongst people i class as very good friends after all !!”.

“I have anxiety and Panic and Manic issues but thanks to this site i have shaken my agoraphobia and social phobia. It was a lifeline for me. When i first came to chat i was a mess. I met so many caring amazing people, This site was better than any therapy for me.Thank you”.

“Hi, I suffer from, ptsd, anxiety, panic, depression and agoraphobia, since finding this chatroom, I made a lot of progress, I wouldnt of been able to do it without this fantastic, friendly and very supportive chatroom, thank you to all my lovely friends, loves you all”.

“Hi there. I suffer from panic attacks, Obsessive compulsive disorder, paranoid personality disorder, social anxiety and agoraphobia. Some of these things have been on and off since I was 15. Believe me this chat room is a GOD send. People here are so warm and caring and we are like a family.
Some of my friends are more like my family!!! Never feel unwanted or ashamed that you have these feelings. There is NOTHING wrong with YOU! YOU are NOT weird or strange. Please come join us you are not alone!!! I wish I knew about this chat room years ago it may have helped me get through high school better and through some of my other relationships”.

“I have suffered with Agoraphobia and panic attacks for about 16/17 years. The chat room is the perfect way to share experiences with other sufferers and get help and advice when i need it. Phobia support has been the most positive and friendly place ive found online”.